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Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
€ 6,00
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
€ 7,00
Sekt Rosato
(Hibiscus and orange blossom liqueur infused with Rieslingsekt)
€ 7,20
Power broth of boiled fillet with herbal ham cake stripes and vegetables
€ 7,50
Cream soup of glazed chestnuts with stripes of smoked goose breast
and cinnamon croûtons
€ 8,50
Red cabbage cream soup with fried prawns, spiced arabic milk foam
and cellery hay
€ 9,50
Selection of winter salads
€ 8,00
Lamb’s lettuce in cranberry-balsamic-dressing with pretzel-croûtons,
pomegranate cores, surrounded by smoked goose breast
and mountain cheese flakes                 
€ 17,00
Home pickled speckled trout on apple horseradish mousse
with potato rosti                     
€ 19,50
Spicy tatar of Angus beef on beetroot mango relish
€ 19,50
Duck liver pralines on Waldorf salad and cranberry sauce
with french winter truffle
€ 22,00
Fried prawns on smoked cellery slices and cauliflower cous-cous
on lobster espuma
€ 22,00
Fried trout fillet on parsley root purree and almond caponata
on a champagne sauce with sweet potato croquettes
€ 28,00
Yellowfin tuna steak with a crust of slices of St. Jakobs mussel
on leaf spinach, chili gamba sauce and fried herbal semolina dumplings          
€ 32,00
Pumpkin escalope of turkey breast on creamy Wirsinggemüse
and potato croquettes
€ 18,50
Tagliatelle with beetroot in a herbal mountain cheese sauce and
pieces of nuts with lamb’s lettuce in cranberry-balsamic-dressing
€ 19,50
Ragout of red deer with fresh mushrooms in a Burgundy sauce
with semolina dumplings and cranberries
€ 21,50
„Hornberger Götzenteller"
Medallion of pork fillet with ragout of mushrooms à la crème,
Brussels sprouts and homemade fried potato dumpling fingers
€ 23,50 
Rump steak of the Argentinian Angus cattle with a Café de Paris crust
on Kenia beans with bacon stripes and potato croquettes        
€ 28,00
Suprême of the Breton saddle of lamb fried in a herbal sheep cheese crust
on smoked cellery slices and green cabbage on balsamic sauce
with potato gratin
€ 31,00
Medallion of the Odenwälder young venisons back in chestnut cranberry
crust on leaf spinach and a gingerbread port wine sauce
with potato tree cake
€ 33,00
"Affogato" double espresso with
baked apple ice cream  
€ 7,50
Bavarian gingerbread cream with warm
morello cherries and vanilla ice cream
€ 8,50
Cinnamon chocolate baked apple on a
vanilla foam with spiced wine butter ice cream
€ 10,00
Poppy mousse in chocolate grid on a quince
compote, orange parfait and spiced wine espuma
€ 14,00
Vanilla crescent mousse with white chocolate
on carpaccio of mandarin orange with
roasted almonds ice cream                   
€ 15,00
Marzipan crème brûlée with pomegranate mango
salad and ice cream of the dark Valrhona
chocolate with salt crystals                 
€ 16,00
Dessert selection „ Burg Hornberg “
€ 18,00
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