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Current Menu

Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
€ 5,80
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
€ 6,80
Sekt Rosato
€ 7,50
Celery foam soup with fried scallops and sea asparagus
€ 9,50
Oxtail soup with Madeira and flat herbal pancake roulade
€ 8,00
Potato leek soup with blood sausage and toast with apple onion spread
€ 8,50
Wintry market salads
€ 9,00
Lamb’s lettuce with urck spread, apple wedges and chili crackers
€ 14,00
Caramelized goat cheese with couscous balls, figs and pear mustard
€ 12,50
"Glen Douglas" salmon pickled in sea salt with gherkin and beetroot horseradish
€ 16,00
Carpaccio of beef fillet with endive salad in Parmesan basket and roasted pine nuts
€ 17,50
Fillet of winter cod on sepia noodles with sea asparagus and wasabi foam
€ 26,00
Fried char fillet with saffron sauce on fennel and crayfish with dill potatoes
€ 28,00
Cannelloni filled with unripe spelt grain and cream cheese
on tomato ragout with gremolata
€ 17,50
Steak of turkey breast scalloped with aniseed tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella
with leaf spinach and fine noodles      
€ 19,00
Cutlet of Thuringian “Duroc” pig with Pommery mustard sauce
on kale leaves with herbal Pommes Dauphines
€ 25,00
Roasted duck breast on thyme jus with turnip cabbage and macaire potatoes
€ 24,50
Rump steak of “Black Angus” beef with pepper butter,
bean stew and fried potatoes   
€ 28,00
Sauerbraten with black salsify and bread dumplings   
€ 23,50



Menu recommendation
by our head chef
Simon Seidel


Home smoked trout tartlet
with beetroot and wasabi nuts

- 11,50 -


Saddle of veal steak under herbal crust
with cognac cream sauce
on mashed black salsify with morels

- 29,00 -


—–Marzipan parfait with plum sauce
and pistachio brittle

- 10,50 -


48,00 per person


"Affogato" double espresso with macadamia ice cream
€ 7,50
Chocolate peanut bar with mango sorbet
€ 12,50
Pineapple strudel with coconut ice cream
and coconut chips       
€ 13,00
Crème brûlée of apple with dried fruits, nuts
and chocolate ice cream
€ 11,50
Carpaccio of tangerine with vanilla poppy mousse
in chocolate grid          
€ 14,00
Dessert selection „Burg Hornberg“      
€ 18,00
We recommend:
Digestif choice from the trolley
Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato