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Current Menu

Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
Consommé with truffeld strips of pancake      
Velvet soup of zucchini and horseradish with smoked salmon dumplings
Autumnal market salads with roasted kernels and sprouts
Variation of leaf salads with fried mushrooms, herbal croûtons and smoked deer ham 
Sweet-Sour pickled hokkaido pumpkin with thai-asparagus and grilled king prawns  
Game pie with Cumberland sauce, apple nut salad and Cantuccini crumble
Grilled butterfish fillet with fine fettuccine noodles and herbal foam
Pumpkin gnocchi with zucchini tomato sauce and pecorino cheese chips
Game ragout with prune apple chutney and hazelnut spaetzle            
Fillet of the „Swabian“ country pig with pommery mustard sauce,
glaced onions and mashed potatoes      
Breast of organic black feathered chicken on young chard vegetables
with pumpkin gnocchi and sherry plum jus     
Argentinian rump steak with onion-bacon jam, fried potatoes and vegetable bouquet
Variation of Hornberger deer
Roast and back with cowberry filled pear, brussels sprouts and chestnut gnocchi
„Affogato“ Double Espresso with espresso brittle ice cream
Plum compote with Tres Leches macadamia ice cream and crispy stick
Nougat mousse wrapped in pyramid cake with Calvados apples and caramelized nuts
Lemon tarte with meringue and sorbet made of Valrhona dark chocolate             
We recommend:
Digestif choice from the trolley
Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato