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Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
€ 5,80
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
€ 6,80
Limon secco
(Limoncello infused with Rieslingsekt)
€ 6,80
Watercress foam soup with crostini of black tiger prawn
€ 8,50
Oxtail soup with pancake roll and vegetable brunoise
€ 7,50
Bell pepper apricot cold soup with roasted salt almonds
€ 8,00
A variation of summer salads
€ 8,00
Teriyaki of Fjord salmon with wakame salad, baked quail egg and wasabi kaviar
€ 18,50
Tomato salad with burrata, basil and olive focaccia
€ 15,00
Tartlet of pickled herring on pumpernickel, beetroot and dill cream
€ 16,50
Tongue of veal marinated with blueberry vinegar, flower sprouts and fried potato terrine
€ 13,50
Char fillet on pea risotto with fresh mint and merguez chips
€ 27,00
Red snapper fillet on red lentil hummus and grilled pak choi
€ 26,00
Homemade tortellini filled with ricotta and spinach, tomatoes, basil pesto and parmesan
€ 17,50
Turkey steak on creamy chanterelle noodles with tomatoes and fried rocket
€ 19,00
“Badischer Winzerteller”
Medaillon of pork fillet, homemade pasta square with onions and ham,
broccoli and thick fried noodles
€ 23,50
Rump steak of the Argentinian “Angus” beef under a lime mustard crust with rosemary jus and fried potatoes
€ 28,00 
Back of the Odenwälder deer with fresh chanterelles, celery vanilla flan and cherry sauce
€ 36,00
Calf’s liver with onions and caramelized apricots on potato leek mash
€ 26,00
Braised joint of salt meadow lamb on bell pepper cous-cous, cumin and feta cheese
€ 24,00
Summery dishes
Small calamari pan with fine tagliatelle, tomatoes and herbal gremolata  € 21,00
Hash meat of Angus beef, avocado, ham, smoky barbecue sauce,
sweet potato wedges and sour cream dip  € 18,50
Tagliata of turkey breast on summery leaf salad with spicy peanut dip  € 17,50
Sous vide cooked and grilled
Iberico pork belly with scallops
on cucumber salad with fresh coriander,
peanuts and chili
- € 16,00 -
Fried veal fillet
with celery vanilla flan,
chanterelles and cherry sherry sauce
- € 34,00 -
Apricot dumpling with pistachio ice cream,
apricot compote and raspberry gel
- € 14,00 -
€ 58,00 per person
"Affogato" double espresso with pistachio ice cream
€ 7,50
Majorcan almond cake on basil apricots
and rosato sorbet
€ 12,00
Mousse of the white Callebaut chocolate on
currant gel and macadamia brittle ice cream
€ 10,50
Elderflower crème brûlée with fresh strawberries
and woodruff ice cream           
€ 13,00
“Citrus trio”
Lime mousse on sablé, calamansi sorbet
and lemon ganache      
€ 14,00
Dessert selection „ Burg Hornberg “
€ 18,00
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Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato