Current Menu

Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
Broth of boiled beef
Wild mushroom roulade and vegetable julienne
Cold soup of Cucumber
Mild wasabi foam, cucumber pearls and scallop crostini
Selection of market salads
Cucumber, carrot and a variety of leaf salads
Summer wild herb salad
Compressed watermelon, feta cheese and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette
Marinated boiled beef
Root vegetable marinade, spicy potato cubes and horseradish espuma
Artichoke flan with red tail shrimp
Artichoke salad, ceviche foam, garlic chips and aioli
Loup de Mer Medallion
Seafood risotto, wild broccoli, parmesan chips, confit cherry tomato and
Shrimp Cognac Foam
Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon
Herb potato noodles, wild mushroom ragout, barolo sauce and morel mousse
Hornberger wild stew
Semolina dumplings and wild cranberries
Angus beef tenderloin
Truffled sweet potato puree, baby carrots, balsamic jus and celery straw
BBQ Plate (Vegan)
Stuffed portobello mushroom, mini corn on the cob, grilled tomato, baked potato
with soy sour cream and BBQ varnish
Rosemary Panna Cotta
Apricot compote, vineyard peach espuma
Plum curd tartlet
Chocolate sorbet and sweet basil pistachio pesto
Espresso Doppio with caramel ice cream and hazelnut pastry
We recommend:
Digestif choice from the trolley
Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato