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Current Menu

Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
€ 5,80
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
€ 6,80
€ 6,80
Watercress foam soup with crispy baked black tiger prawn
€ 8,50
Iced essence of tomato with Gin Tonic foam
€ 7,50
Bell pepper ginger soup with chorizo waffle
€ 8,00
Fresh market salads of summer
€ 9,00
Salad of tomatoes with burrata mozzarella, basil and olive focaccia
€ 14,00
Carpaccio of pulpo with glass noodle salad, papaya and lime vinaigrette
€ 13,50
Slices of pink fried Angus roast beef with wild herbs, marinated with
balsamic blueberry vinegar
€ 16,00
Medaillons of monkfish on chickpea hummus, curry and grilled pak choi
€ 32,00
Char fillet on pearl barley pea risotto with fresh mint and crispy bacon chips
€ 27,00
Homemade pasta squares filled with unripe spelt grain on chanterelles,
tomatoes and fried rocket        
€ 19,00
Fried corn chicken breast on chanterelle noodles and vanilla ginger carrots
€ 21,00
Medaillons of pork fillet, pasta squares with ham and onion with broccoli
and thick potato noodles         
€ 24,00
Roast saddle of Hornberger venison with fresh chanterelles, parsnip flan
and port wine cherry sauce
€ 34,00 
Calf’s liver with braised shallots and caramelized apricots
on mashed potatoes with leek  
€ 26,00
Rump steak of Argentinian Angus beef under lime Dijon mustard crust
with rosemary jus and fried potatoes   
€ 28,00
Summer Specialties
Summerly leaf salads with grilled satée skewer of
turkey breast and spicy peanut dip                              

Hamburger steak of Black Angus beef, braised
Port wine onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, smoky
BBQ sauce and crispy mesh potatoes                           
Small calamari pan with fine noodles,
tomatoes and herbal gremolata                                   

Menu recommendation by our head chef Simon Seidel
Grilled scallop on cucumber salad
with fresh coriander, peanuts and chili
- 15,00 -
Sous vide cooked beef fillet
on mediterranean vegetables
and chorizo waffle
- 32,00 -
Blueberry tiramisu with espresso brittle ice cream
- 13,50 -

"Affogato" double espresso with egg liqueur vanilla ice cream
€ 7,50
Pineapple jello with chili, piña colada foam
and chocolate ice cream            
€ 14,00
Butter milk panna cotta with fresh forest berries
€ 12,00
Apricot compote in wan tan basket with
pistachio ice cream                  
€ 11,50
Blueberry tiramisu with espresso brittle ice cream
€ 13,50
Dessert selection „Burg Hornberg“
€ 18,00
We recommend:
Digestif choice from the trolley
Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato