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Current Menu

Fruit Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
€ 5,80
( Fruit juices with Sparkling Wine)
€ 6,80
€ 7,80
Riesling foam soup with tarragon asparagus dumplings
€ 8,50
Clear broth of beef with quinoa semolina dumplings, vegetables and parsley root
€ 7,50
Cream soup of Teltower turnip with wild garlic pesto and beetroot chips
€ 8,00
Fresh market spring salads
€ 9,00
Buffalo curd terrine with asparagus salad, serrano ham and crispy Grissinis
€ 13,00
Wild herbs salad with elderflower vinaigrette, fried vail, deep-fried
potato pyramid cake and rhubarb chutney
€ 16,00
Pink marinated calfs hip “Label Rouge” in wild garlic stock with radish salad
and horseradish muffin
€ 14,50
Baked tatar of Yellowfin tuna on lukewarm wakame salad  with lime,
basil, mayonnaise and candied ginger
€ 18,00
Fried salmon fillet with confit tomatoes, pea pod and Tuscan noodle pearls
€ 22,50
Flatfish with Büsum prawns, capers with lime sauce and parsley potatoes
€ 25,00
Pasta squares filled with unripe spelt grain and goat cream cheese
on young leaf spinach wild garlic gremolata with planed Parmesan
€ 19,00
Cordon bleu of corn chicken breast filled with grained cream cheese
with young leaf spinach and tagliatelle
€ 21,00
Roast of Hornberger roebuck with bread au gratin, Teltower turnips
and strawberry chutney
€ 26,00
Rumpsteak of Argentinian “Black Angus” beef under wild garlic crust
with fried potatoes
€ 28,00 
Sour calf kidney with balsamic and coarse mustard, wild broccoli
and long thick noodles 
€ 21,50
Saddle of French salt meadow lamb in herbal coating
with mediterranean vegetables and goat cheese potato tartlet  
€ 32,00
Involtini of pork fillet with ham and sage on asparagus morrel vegetables
with tarragon gnocchi 
€ 24,00
Asparagus from Reilingen

Fresh asparagus with melted butter
or sauce hollandaise and new potatoes                         23,50
Fresh asparagus with melted butter
or sauce hollandaise and herbal pancakes                    25,00
To our asparagus we recommend
Variation of ham specialties                                             9,00
Viennese Schnitzel of veal                                              12,00
Medaillon of beef fillet                                                     17,50
Selection of seafish                                                          15,00
Menu recommendation by our head chef Simon Seidel
Wild herbs salad with elderflower vinaigrette
fried vail, deep-fried potato pyramid cake
and rhubarb chutney
- 16,00 -
Pink fried steak of veals back on asparagus
morrel vegetables with tarragon gnocchi
- 31,00 -
Carrot muffin with white chocolate
injection and banana passion fruit ice cream
- 12,00 -
3-course Menu 54,00 per person
"Affogato" double espresso with caramelita ice cream
€ 7,50
Strawberry cheesecake with rhubarb compote
and woodruff meringue
€ 12,50
Chocolate easter egg filled with white
Valrhona chocolate mousse and mango jelly in baked Kataifi nest
€ 14,00
Fried rice pudding on strawberry salad with green
pepper and strawberry Aperol sorbet
€ 13,00
Dessert selection „Burg Hornberg“
€ 18,00
We recommend:
Digestif choice from the trolley
Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato